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JULY 2016



The Gold Standard: Sharing the Power of the Newspaper Obituary with Funeral Homes 

Steve Parrott, Legacy’s President & CEO, wrote an editorial for Funeral Business Advisor about why the newspaper obituary is still the best way to reach people with news of a death. See all the facts that reinforce the newspaper obit as the most powerful way to reach the core funeral home audience and ensure the largest celebration of life. Read more


How Facebook Fits Into the Online Obituary Landscape

Nowadays it seems people post nearly everything on Facebook, but what role does Facebook play in communicating a death? Why do 88% of people still want to place a print newspaper obituary for a loved one? How do the traditional strongholds and new social spheres interact and relate? We find that Facebook is best used as a tool to amplify the traditional online obituary, rather than replace it. Read more


3 Ways to Strengthen Your Funeral Home Relationships

Obituaries are a top performer for newspapers, yet many funeral homes don’t feel they are treated like top clients. Funeral homes and newspapers both benefit from strengthening their ties to one another to deliver the best to the communities they mutually serve. In our conversations with funeral homes, we came up with three focus areas that are core to improving your funeral home partnerships. Read them here






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Advertising Revenue Opportunities

As a partner of Legacy, every newspaper receives revenue share on all of the advertising and commerce that resides on their co-branded pages. To learn about additional ways to generate advertising revenue on your pages, including our new video-ad placements, click here.


Additional Resources & Best Practices

We encourage you to view our Additional Resources & Best Practices page to make sure you are making the most of your partnership with Legacy. Learn about our integration tools and see our digital and print ads to promote your site. Read More


Stories to Share


Gary Marshall (1934 - 2016)

Legacy continues to improve our featured obit coverage, focusing on celebrities who resonate with newspaper audiences. We're providing readers a trusted source of breaking-news obits as a bonus to local obit coverage, making them more likely to come back day after day for a complete obituary update. See Garry Marshall’s obit for an example of our featured coverage.


Twilight Wish Foundation is Like Make-a-Wish for Seniors

Legacy has always had a strong affiliation with charities, and gallery features like this one are just one of the ways we further the mission of nonprofits (while providing a bit of cheer to readers). Read more



Industry News



Editor & Publisher: What the Music Industry Can Teach Media

Fifteen years ago, the music industry was disrupted by a website called Napster and a tidal wave of peer-to-peer sites that allowed consumers to freely obtain music they would have otherwise purchased. Looking back, music was a vanguard for other media businesses that would later be disrupted by the digital revolution. But for one industry in particular – the news media – the upheaval and adaptation of the music industry can serve as a uniquely instructive example. Read more


Editor & Publisher: Inside the Digital Strategies Moving the Media Industry Forward

Today’s newsroom leaders are often pulled in endless directions: Should we use Snapchat or Facebook Live for this press conference? How do we apply 360-degree video to that story? When should we live-tweet and engage with our audiences? Their to-do lists are endlessly growing. Read more

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