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To Comment or Not? Weighs In

The question of whether to keep commenting capabilities on-site has become an industry debate. At, our comments – Guest Book messages as we call them –  are a core component of what we do. It is our goal to provide a safe place where life stories live on, and that cannot be done without our visitors’ participation in Guest Book messages. Read more


Persona Spotlight: Lindsey, the Connected Mom

The Persona Spotlight series takes a deep dive into our persona research by interviewing real-life examples of each of our 10 audience personas. This month, we examined Lindsey, the connected mom. Lindsey is a 32- to 39-year-old mourner who can best be reached via her smartphone. Read more about Lindsey here.





News & Updates



Product Update: New Browse Page

This month, we’re introducing you and your visitors to a new experience to browse your most recent obituaries. As we continue to invest in our newspaper product and delight our users, we created a fully responsive page that results in a more engaging user experience. Read more.


In the News: Humanizes Analytics With Obituary Audience Guide

In this International News Media Association article, Chief Marketing Officer Kim Evenson talks about the importance of not only understanding your online visitors but also taking it a step further and imagining those visitors as real people.


In the News: The Facebook of the Dead

The Ringer went inside’s Calabasas office to learn more about America's largest obituary website. Read their article here.


Press Release: Hits 100 Million Sessions Monthly in 2016

In 2016, for the first time, the Network has averaged over 100 million sessions each month and is currently ranked the 38th most visited website in the U.S. as measured by Quantcast, making it the top online destination for obituaries. Read the full press release here.


Stories To Share


September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. This month, our content team posted content and resources to support and remember people touched by suicide.


My Brother's Suicide Was a Wake-up Call That I Almost Didn't Answer

One of our writers shares the emotional story of how his brother’s death affected him and eventually inspired him to seek help for his own depression. Read more


Suicide Resources

Suicide is a leading cause of death globally, with over 1 million people dying by suicide each year. But suicide is preventable. Learning to recognize the warning signs of suicide and how to respond to them is important. We put together a page with resources for people struggling with suicidal thoughts. See the page here.



Industry News



Pew Research Center: 10 Facts About the Changing Digital News Landscape

Digital news continues to evolve, pushed by a variety of innovations in recent years. Here are 10 key findings from recent Pew Research Center surveys and analyses that show how these rapid digital shifts are reshaping Americans’ news habits.


Poynter: The Case for Keeping Comments

Poynter’s piece profiles Andrew Losowsky, the journalist who’s spearheading The Coral Project, a multinewsroom effort to overhaul online communities. Losowsky says that the recent closures of news sites’ comment boxes are an indicator of a troubling trend that signals detachment on the part of news organizations when it comes to reader engagement. Read more

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